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My first 19 days of trading!

First, I want to thank all the individuals that help me on this sub-reddit. I've come across many other trading groups but this has been the most memorable. I've been trading for about 2-3 months now but, it was strictly penny-stocks the USA Market. I learned a lot there but I seemed to fail every time. I didn't know anything about Forex until a mechanic introduced me to babypips. From there I began to learn the trade. For about 2-3 weeks straight I studied what the website could give me. But, I knew i couldn't learn everything from there. My father still tells me "Birds of common feather, flock together." so i went out to find a group of forex traders. About half way in I thought to myself, all the forex traders probably live in super foreign countries on high level platforms that i would never gain access to unless I was born in the "Circle". But then one day while i was looking at $SNAP memes and /wallstreetbets I thought to myself, "Why not look in Reddit?". And sure enough I found this group. I read though a bunch of the hot post and knew that this was the place. So I asked questions, learned things and tried to fit in. So in comes the trading. I've been using TD Ameritrade since I started so that's the platform I've been using. Since I graduated high-school last year and only had one job, I knew that I would have to start with the minimum amount. So I opened up a Demo account and put $2,000 in. I have to say the first few days were more of luck than skill. I went in with a penny-stock mind set. My first few trades were max 1,000 units. So when I did good I got pennies but when I did bad vice-versa(Not Vice-Versa but you know what I mean). Then I learned about margins and, ooh boy let me tell you. All my trades increased to standard lots(100,000u). And i was losing left and right. And then one would be super good. The good one was, a little bit of my knowledge and lot of a fundamental event happening and me not knowing about it. So I road it and got to about $200 Dollars of it. I forgot how much I put into it but, I was hooked. I was running around my room wondering why didn't i try this before! Then the next day came and I lost $500 dollars. I was about to call it quits when, I went thought the subreddit again and saw that the real thing that makes a trader the will power and stubbornness not to give up and to recover from failures. So I buckled up and said lets do this. Everyday I drove to work I'd listen to a Forex podcast. When I got home instead of playing World of Warcraft or spending money on steam for games, I'd sit and look at the charts and learn how to use indicators and how they work. Then I jumped back into the market and began trading. I was still using crazy units but every now and then I'd make a breakthrough. One day I'd make $200-$300 dollars and in the same day lose 90-100% of it. It wasn't until SanDiegoMAGApede (Prob tired of me linking them) commented on one of my post that I began to learn risk management. Then the game was on. My trades were becoming more efficient and my days became more green. I was scalping for the majority of it until I started to see trends in the market. It was about two days ago, I was trading for ten hours straight 7-4pm(Currently getting ready for college so the weekdays are all free to me for a little bit) that i made my first real break though. I saw a trend coming and acted on it. And to my surprise it worked! I got a nice 30-40 pips. Then I longed and got a 10-20 pip gain. Then shorted for a another 30-40 pip gain. (USD/CAD). I was shocked! The next day I tried to do it again and... well lets say I wasn't a happy trader.. Then today came. I've asked questions about Fundamentals here because, one time an event caught me off guard and I lost a lot. So today came and I said to myself "lets trade on this news." I jumped on Forex Factory, set about a dollars worth of Yen on notifications to my phone and waited. It was the longest 5 minutes in my life my heart was racing super fast and then it came.. and I was right!. I road the EUUSD train all the way to the top and sold. Then I shorted and rode about half way before I went to work and closed. I was almost at $2,900 in my account I was trading on my phone on the way to work (as a passenger) which wasn't a good idea because I lost about $100+. I'm a server in a sports bar so work looked like a weekend in the markets. I then decided to go into a party room and start to trade again. I was so close to reaching my goal ($3,000 BP). So for a few hours I traded EUUSD and I then a table came and I left for about 4-5 hours. Got my $17 from work bought a salad and jumped on EUUSD. I was at $2,958 I was eyes on the market. I saw a fighting box(IDK what to call it) and started scalping the living hell out of it. Eventually I made it to $3,001.15. I started to run around the restaurant and jump around. My manger was worried and told me I was scaring him so I calmed down, jump on the phone with my father and was we were both stoked. Here's the link to day one to today: http://imgur.com/j06ycgB . But that's all I want to say. Thanks again guys and thanks for reading!
Edit: Added some much needed commas and fixed a few words. I'm still at work.
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